ShopKeepers! (ショップキーパーズ!)

Prepare for the meatiest, most epic update of them all! Grab onto your bacon!
(全員で最上級の肉のような、最も壮大な最新版に備えてください!あなたのベーコンの上にのせちゃおう! )

New Limited Edition (新しい期間限定パッケージ)

  • Epic Package ($14.99 USD, Time Limited: June 7th-21st)
Epic Package

    • 12,500 Gold
    • 750 Gems

    • 5 Avatar Items (Hat, Glasses, Beard(male)/Bread(female), Coat, Bacon Blade)

    • Line of 3 blueprints (3種類のレシピ)
      • Meat Shield (Level 8 Shield)
      • Bacon Blade (Level 34 Sword)
      • Jack’s Brew (Level 44 Potion - Energetic 2 at Mythical)

    • Exclusive Epic Burger Animated Decoration

New Feature (新機能)

The Arena! (ジ・アリーナ!)

  • Assemble your team of 5 heroes to compete against other shopkeepers team

  • Level up your castle to unlock more heroes for The Arena

  • Choose which ability to use on your heroes from 3 new abilities that you unlock by completing their personal quests

  • Each match is composed of 5 1v1 match-ups, the winner is the shopkeeper with most wins

  • Every match-up compares both heroes’ power after abilities activation and the highest wins

  • 2 Modes Ranked Play and Free Play

    • Ranked Play (ランクプレイ)
      • Every ranked match makes you win or lose Honor which is used to rank you in the different leagues
      • 1 Ticket every 8 hours, stacks up to 3
      • Every ticket gives you access to a run that goes up to 7 wins or 3 losses
      • Earn Crown Jewels based on your wins and current rank for every completed ranked run
      • Earn a bag every 10, 20, 30… wins in ranked play. Resets to 10 wins after 24 hours
      • Bag quality is based on your current rank

    • Free Play (フリープレイ)
      • Unlimited play with no risk and no reward, perfect to try out new strategies!

  • New Bag for the highest league: Champion’s Bag (similar to Primal Chest in content)

Equipment Sets (装備セット)

  • Added a second equipment set for heroes to use in the Arena

  • Possibility to copy the quest set or use all different items (we would like to add more control eventually)

UI Improvements (ユーザーインターフェイスの改善)

  • Adjusted certain elements in the Personal Quest UI

  • Added an event popup when unlocking a hero Ability from a personal quest

  • Multiple UI improvements to the Arena’s different screens

  • Added a replay function to the Battle Log

Balancing (バランス調整)

  • Multiple abilities have been rebalanced (Note: Abilities = Arena (Red), Skills = Quest (Blue))

  • Increased Tunic’s power by 1

Other (その他)

  • Added multiple Tutorials for the Arena

  • Optimized the process of upgrading shops (does not reload all furniture anymore)
    (お店のアップグレードプロセスを最適化します。 (もはやすべての家具をリロードしません))

  • Multiple smaller performance improvements

Bug Fixes (バグ修正)

  • Fixed multiple bugs from the Arena

  • Fixed multiple minor crashes

  • Fixed City Raids displaying “Reward” instead of “Group Bonus”

  • Fixed an issue with purchasing artifacts from trade when attempting to use an upgraded crafting slot

  • Fixed an issue where What’s New promotions wouldn’t be translated into Simplified Chinese, Japanese and Korean
    (「What’s New」の項目が簡体字中国語、日本語、韓国語に翻訳されないバグを修正。)

  • Fixed multiple heroes not closing their eyes properly when injured in quests

Known Issues (既知の問題点)

  • Market and Trader’s Square upgrades is not displaying properly
    (「Market」と「Trader’s Square」のアップグレードが正しく表示されない。)

  • Thief’s Hideout upgrade is misaligned
    (「Thief’s Hideout」のアップグレードがずれている。)

  • Epic Package items missing from Apple Watch

  • New Opponent button displays wrong amount of gold on first search

  • Multiple display issues with asian characters

  • “Best Offer” text in the store is overlapping

  • Some heroes aren’t holding their weapons properly when attacking

  • Arena Replays sometimes freeze softly





  • 最終更新:2016-06-09 02:54:21